Earn TGR token through Bug Bounty

Bug Bounty as a quick way to earn cryptocurrencies

The decentralized cryptocurrency exchange TegroFinance is currently in a test version. All sorts of details are being worked out and product optimization is being carried out.

Our developers take their work seriously and test DEX daily, but we want to provide this opportunity to users who are interested in setting up DEX as soon as possible and releasing it on the mainnet. Thus, we launched the Bug Bounty DEX TegroFinance program.

How to make money on vulnerabilities with Bug Bounty

First, you need to define what a Bug Bounty is - a reward program for discovering bugs and vulnerabilities in product security and further reporting them to the development team.

Bug Bounty usually has its own rules for conducting and interacting with team product resources, which determine what can and cannot be done.

There are various rewards for finding vulnerabilities and bugs while participating in the Bug Bounty program, depending on the criticality of the bug found. Thus, users can earn on Bug Bounty by helping developers optimize products. Testing takes place on the main page of the exchange https://tegro.finance/ for TON.

Development teams, in turn, get a lot of interested users who continuously test the product for strength, which allows them to systematically increase security by correcting possible errors. By participating in the TegroFinance Bug Bounty, users will be able to earn TGR cryptocurrency for free.

What to Report When Participating in the Bug Bounty Program

There are a number of difficulties that testers may face. You can report all errors to our team, we will consider the proposed errors in order of importance.

For example, it will be counted as a flaw if the user is unable to add liquidity to the pool or cannot correctly access the official DEX website. The inability to exchange tokens or withdraw funds to the wallet is also a reason to report it to us and earn on Bug Bounty.

Critical bugs or shortcomings in the code will be dealt with first. In addition, banal typos on the site can also be regarded as errors and they can also be taken into account and earn cryptocurrency for this.

What happens after a bug report when participating in a Bug Bounty

After reporting a bug or vulnerability in the Bug Bounty program, our security experts will carefully review your report.

You will be contacted within two business days to discuss it and ask a number of questions, such as under what circumstances was the error discovered?

Further actions are also discussed, provided that the error message is still relevant or discovered by you for the first time.

Keep in mind that we receive a lot of messages from the Bug Bounty program. Our team tries to give feedback as soon as possible, but we cannot respond to those users whose answers are filled out incorrectly.

When participating in a Bug Bounty, you must correctly fill out all the lines of the form in order to report a bug. Messages where lines are skipped by adding a "-" sign or other random words or numbers will not be accepted.

How to Report a Bug to the Bug Bounty Program

If you find a vulnerability or a bug, please report it to us via the special TegroFinance Bug Bounty application form https://tegro.gitbook.io/en/wallet/bug-bounty .

Be sure to describe the vulnerability you found in as much detail as possible and provide us with any evidence you have (screenshots or screen recording).

Bug Bounty Program Rules

Remember that when participating in the Bug Bounty program, you must adhere to the indicated rules. You can only use the necessary methods to find and demonstrate vulnerabilities in the DEX. How our exchange works is described in more detail on the official website.

For example, here are a few prerequisites for participating in the Bug Bounty DEX:

  • The primary task is to take care of protecting your system;
  • Do not use social engineering to gain access to the system;
  • In no case do not change the system if you find such a possibility, but immediately inform our experts about it.

How much can you earn when participating in Bug Bounty

Earnings on Bug Bounty directly depend on the severity of the error and the potential damage to the TegroFinance decentralized crypto exchange that you were able to prevent. The reward amount will be paid out in TGR cryptocurrency based on the following criteria:

  • With a low criticality of the error:

Errors here can be considered incorrect spelling of words on the site, as well as UI UX (external site) errors . Bug Bounty rewards up to $100 in $TGR.

  • With an average criticality of the error:

Medium criticality includes the inability to enter the platform or problems related to the logic and mechanics of the site. Here you can earn up to $1000 in TGR cryptocurrency.

  • With a high criticality of the error:

The most serious errors are considered here, for example, problems associated with vulnerabilities and exploits in the security system or associated with financial losses. For finding the most critical errors, you can earn up to $10,000 in TGR cryptocurrency.

Participation in the Bug Bounty program allows you to establish friendly relations with developers, improve the quality and security of the TegroFinance DEX, and earn cryptocurrency. To authorize on the decentralized exchange website, you need to use a Toncoin crypto wallet , for example Uniton Wallet or any other, for example Tonkeeper or Tonhub.

We will be glad to each interested user who decides to try our DEX for strength. We promise that we will support crypto enthusiasts in every possible way and promptly respond to error reports. Thanks to the Bug Bounty DEX, the TON ecosystem will become safer and more convenient many times faster, which will be our common merit.

Sviatoslav Gusev

CEO / Co-Founder

Developer. Founder of Team Tegro.